More Alpha.
Less FOMO.

Streamlined daily updates for your active token holders

More Alpha.
Less FOMO.

Streamlined daily updates for your active token holders

Daily alpha to your inbox.

GATED is a community engagement and messaging tool that syncs and shares information from your community messaging platform (Telegram, Discord, etc.) via email and SMS—delivered to your members daily.


Strong communities thrive with strong communication engines

Automated Community Management

Once a community owner joins Gated our platform monitors transactions and automatically removes members who sell

Automated Updates to Token Holders

Integrate with Telegram and Discord to automatically send newsletters or sms updates of flagged messages daily or weekly

Mint & Manage Subscriber NFTs

Token-gate your content. Manage and monetize subscribers

Numbers don't lie.

In the last 30 days our partners have experienced a 76.9% open rate on emails sent to their community members.

Feedback from our partners

Leading web3 communities have already joined


“This email product is so,so good. Thank You! I can never seem to keep up.”

CPG Community Member


“This crushes!!!! Great Work!!  Now we have the basis for piping the most critical info back to Telegram and into digests for token-holders.”

Chris Cantino

CPG & POP Founder

“Just what we needed as a growing community. New community members will not feel overwhelmed but informed.

BLK@ Community Member

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